Hunter S. Thompson

by thepowerofwordss

Hunter S. Thompson is the founder and creator of Gonzo journalism. Gonzo journalism is a form of reporting where the reporter involves themselves in the story to the point where they also become a lead figure in their story. Thompson is also known for his avid use of drugs. More specifically, he had a lifelong use of alcohol, LSD, mescaline, and cocaine. In addition, he had a love for firearms, a deep hatred for Richard Nixon, and sought for an authoritarianism world. In 2005, he committed suicide at the age of 67. Eccentric and crazy are not even close to describing him. Although he may seem flawed, in a weird way, I admire his attitude greatly.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

This quote does not come from one of Thompson’s books or articles. He directly said this. How did I found this quote you ask? Research. I usually research the authors I love. As I read through interview excerpts, I come across some of the best quotes from authors. This especially holds true for Hunter S. Thompson. Have you ever known a person who does not have a filter on what comes out of their mouth? This describes Thompson perfectly. Everything he says comes straight from the heart-whether it is heartfelt or not.

When I think of this quote, I reflect upon how I care too much. I care about everything, analyze every situation, and tend to only live in the future. I notice all my thoughts are dedicated to planning what will happen next and not in the present time. I have been told I can not predict the future by thinking ahead, but I have a hard time believing this.

Being the control freak I am, it is hard to let things go. But then, when I get overwhelmed by everything, I think back to people like Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson is a person who does not care what he says, who he offends, or if what he does offends you. In a way, I greatly admire people like him. No can hold down these type of people. They are truly their own person and live only for themselves.

When I begin to care too much, I think back to Thompson’s ‘f’ it all attitude. Everyone wishes at times we could be these people: the type of person who completely disregards other people’s attitudes or the individual who only makes themselves happy. If you are not this type of person, then you probably never will be. However, there are instances in life where we can briefly adopt this attitude.

Whenever I get down on life or stress too much about the little things, I think of what Mr. Thompson says. Life is a journey. You are going to get scratched on the ride. But at the end of the ride, you are going to look back at the big dust cloud and be happy you made it.

Life isn’t about ending up in one place safely as Hunter S. Thompson claimed in his quote. It is about the journey. That’s all life really is I suppose, a journey. I have learned through Thompson’s novels and various quotes to let go and be free. Hunter S. Thompson has taught me to frankly not give a crap…well some portion of the time at least.

So thank you Hunter S. Thompson for your carefree attitude and spreading that to others. RIP.