Chuck Palahniuk

by thepowerofwordss

Charles Michael “Chuck” Palahniuk is an American transgressional fiction novelist and freelance journalist. Palahniuk’s writing style is minimalistic yet disturbing. Invisible Monsters, Palahniuk’s first completed novel, was rejected by publishers for disturbing content. This led to the creation of his most famous novel, Fight Club. Fight Club was Palahniuk’s attempt to disturb the publisher further for rejecting Invisible Monsters. The book was written in Palahniuk’s free time and was initially published as a short story in the compilation titled Pursuit of Happiness. He later expanded it into a full novel which his publishers were surprisingly willing to publish. The sensation that is Fight Club started from there.

Rule number 1, you don’t talk about fight club.

I sincerely wish I had read the book before writing this blog post. However, I simply have not had the time. I have seen the movie though (the cop out answer of course). I can say with certainty the movie was utterly fantastic. It is one of my absolute favorite movies. But I know for a fact the book is better. It always is.

I am not ashamed to say I am enthralled with Chuck Palahniuk. I have read Invisible Monsters and Survivor. Both of them were grotesque, mind numbing, yet graceful. As I mentioned before, Palahniuk’s publishers found most of his stories disturbing. At a reading of his book Haunted, 40 people were reported to have fainted at the book’s content. Palahniuk creates his books with an intended shock and awe factor. This shock and awe aspect is what keeps me entertained and enthralled. His books tend to be stomach wrenching at times. However, there are also instances of pure thoughtfulness laced throughout the text. Mixed in between the blood, sex, drugs, and well…fighting, this quote appears in the novel:

“The lower you fall, the higher you’ll fly.”

I mentioned before I have not read the book. So how did I find this quote you ask? I was almost obsessed with Palahniuk’s work at one point in my life. I am not ashamed to say I would mindlessly search quotes from his books or speeches in my spare time. I was doing exactly this one day when I stumbled upon this quote. At first glance, the quote confused me and I didn’t care to investigate further. However, it lingered in my mind later that night. I couldn’t forget the simple eight worded quote. I went back online and searched what book the quote came from. This is when I discovered it was from Fight Club. I still intend to read the book and discover the quote’s meaning in the context of the novel. However, I took away my own interpretation of the quote.

To simply put it, life can be hell. You can let your problems and issues defeat you, ruin you, or slowly destroy you over time. This option isn’t too favorable to most people however… The other option is to push your problems aside and not let yourself fall into a self pitying/loathing routine. Everyone has a time in their life when they are down on themselves. However, the less we dig ourselves into a hole of self containment and sorrow, the more we will succeed.

Over the summer, I wasn’t happy with different aspects of my life and I tended to put off all my problems. It was at one of these low points when I remembered this quote. I looked the quote up online to search for other people’s interpretation of the quote. It is at this point I would like to shamelessly plug a blog that I came across. I found what this blogger, Isa, had to say was beautiful and inspirational. Just reading his blog lifted me out of the funk I was in. You can read his full blog now.

And in case you don’t read it, I would just like to share one of the most raw, beautiful things I read in his blog, “… a concoction of many painful realities woven to compose one beautiful consciousness. He was lucky in a sense because he had no choice. For those of us who live a comfortable life, I feel truly sorry for you. You have no scars. You’ve made no progress.”

In short, many of the problems and issues we face are trivial. But these obstacles, big or small, shape us into the people we are today. The less you let the problems in life affect you, the more you will progress.